De: David Hay

Fiction | 2019 | Anglais | S.t.: Français | 16:51 | Nouvelle-Zélande

Maddie and her 8-year-old sister Nina drive to Maddie’s student flat. Nina Stays in the car while Maddie heads inside to grab a few things so they can have a sleepover at the family home. Inside the garage, Maddie discovers the body of Alex: one of her flatmates. He has killed himself with the fumes from his car. She tries hold herself together and deal with the situation without alerting Nina who is just a few metres away, separated only by the garage wall. Maddie makes a series of phone calls: to the ambulance, her boyfriend, Alex’s sister and finally, his father. Maddie heads back to the car and drives away. The whole episode took only a few minutes and Nina suspects nothing.
Production: n/a
Distribution: aug&ohr medien
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En Compétition pour: Grand Prix Fiction

Compétition Courts-métrages Bloc 3



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Date de début vendredi 25 septembre 2020 21:00
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Lieux Bistro UnisTV en plein air - Place de la Paix
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